Elemental Triple Goddess Embroidered Brooch Element Earth Water Fire Textile Art, Triangle, Embroidery, Mother, Pagan

Pagan brooch symbol element, to choose from.
Entirely handmade with fabric scraps.
You will receive a brooch.
Each brooch is unique.

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10,00 €

Elemental brooches to choose:
1- Green: Mother Earth Gaia Goddess with triangle symbol of Earth. In velvet. 2- Red: Brigit-Hestia Goddess with fire triangle symbol, in velvet and lace. 3- Light blue: Aura Goddess with Air triangle symbol. In felt with sequins. The triangle elements are roughly embroidered, for a pagan effect. Each brooch is different. Brooch pin on the back. To pin on a garment, a cap or a hat, a bag or any other accessory. Approximate size: 5.50 cm high x 3.00 cm wide approx