White Milky Opalite Stone Point Pendulum & Pentacle Necklace - Esoteric, Mystic, Sorcery, Witch, Magic, Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft

Esoteric necklace with talismans.

In alchemy and esotericism, the inverted triangle symbolizes water and the feminine principle.

The pentacle provides protection.

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15,00 €

Mid-length necklace with stainless steel chain.

Spinning milky white Opalite Stone pendulum,
surmounted by a small silver plated metal pentacle.


Opalite is an artificial stone imade of white milky, translucent, iridescent and opalescent GLASS.

Each stone varies and may have asperities, colors and defects that are specific to it and may differ from photos.

Here, our opaline has bubbles. 
Lobster clasp.

Stone: 3 cm x 1,50 cm


Length of the chain: about 64 cm

Ability to change and customize the length of the chain on request if you need a longer or shorter chain.

  • longueur 64 cm approx