Embroidered Oracle Protection Hand, Third Eye, Dark Mori, Magic, Occult, Witchcraft, Palmistry, Chiromancy, Lithotherapy, Pagan

Decorative hand of Third Eye of Divination protection, to suspend or to pose.

Unique model.

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11,00 €

Inspired by Celtic and Nordic traditions, hand-embroidered pagan hand, to suspend, put on, perfume or use for needles for fashion designers.

Hand made in ecru white cotton and roughly embroidered with an Eye symbol.

Green velvet and brown lace on the bottom.

Filling wadding against allergies and mites.

A brown cotton wool yarn allows to hang it from a handle, a mirror, a tree or a wall.

You can also stitch your sewing needles or drop a few drops of essential oils.

Delivered with a few grams of green Aventurine chips stones.


Height: 21, 50 cm

Width: 13 cm


approx.   8,46''  x  5,11''